Irrigation Solutions

Deming Lawn and Landscape specializes in lawn irrigation maintenance, repairs and upgrades. We no longer install full lawn systems. We offer maintenance programs that include the spring turn on, spring adjustments, system repairs throughout the year and the final blow out and close down to prepare for the winter freeze. Our technicians are able to upgrade your current system for better water efficiency and conservation which will in turn save you money on your water bill throughout the watering season. We can add new zones as needed for new beds you may have installed or new lawn areas that were not previously being watered or we can cap off zones to allow you to build a beautiful deck or patio without worrying about damage. We use only top quality products on your lawn and never buy off brand products. Hunter and Rainbird parts always. We warranty our irrigation work and stand behind it year after year - you can count on us!

A man in an orange hat is watering the grass.

Benefits of automatic irrigation:

  • Helps to maintain a greener, more healthy and beautiful landscape and lawn
  • Convenient and efficient way to ensure the perfect amount of watering without over or under-watering your lawn
  • Conserves water
  • Rain sensors are worth every penny and saves on your water bill.
  • Eliminates one more ‘to-do’ from your never ending list, while saving you time and money