Property Care

If you plan on enjoying your property this summer.........
Let our trained, experienced and professional crews come and take care of your property. With professional equipment and personnel, we can maintain your property better than you can, when you add up equipment costs, maintenance, repair, storage, and your very own time, using our service is a great deal! Spend your valuable time doing more important things, like family time, or relaxation, not pushing a mower or weeding and mulching beds. Not only will you save a lot of valuable time, but your property will look great too! Ask us about our specials and discounts for new customers!

Specials and Promotions

Mow & Maintenance

Deming Lawn & Landscape is a full-service lawn maintenance company serving residential and commercial clients throughout the Northern VA area. We offer a weekly service to maintain the sleek, healthy lawn you've always dreamed of.

As you watch us service your property, you will see that we take extra pride in our work. We hope to make a difference in your home life by making your lawn a more enjoyable asset to your real estate investment, through economically priced rates and timely service. We strive to get to know each of our customers and their unique needs.

Weekly Services
We offer weekly residential services. Our lawn maintenance services include:

  • mulch mowing is recommended to not contribute to land fills and keeping all products still in your lawn with double cutting.
  • bagging grass and left at curb for an extra fee. (removal can be discussed)
  • edging of all sidewalks, curbs and driveway each visit.
  • commercial grade trimming around beds, fences and trees
  • blowing cut grass off all driveways, walkways and patios with commercial grade air blowers.
  • beautiful crisscross mower lines in grass.

Tree & Shrub Service

No one quite knows for sure how many types of trees/shrubs there are in the United States, but we do know that when you are looking to plant ‘just the right one’, the choices can be overwhelming!

Trees and shrubs help to define, enhance, and ‘set the tone’ of our landscape, they help draw our attention to the most beautiful areas in our yard.

Let Deming Lawn and Landscape, located in Northern Virginia, help you choose and care for just the right trees and shrubs to compliment your landscape. Our trained and extremely qualified designers will come out for FREE to meet with you and discuss your thoughts and ideas for sprucing up your landscape with additional trees and shrubs.


Tree and Shrub Programs

We have many Tree, Shrub & Bedding Programs to choose from, which will both feed and control insects/disease in your plants:
• Dormant oil treatment for over wintering insect and mite eggs
• Balanced slow release fertilizers for flowering and non-flowering ornamentals
• Insect control
• Fungus control
• Iron with micro nutrients
• Deep root feeding for trees and large shrubs
• Winter guard keeps plant color, prevents dehydration and wind burn
• Services / programs can be tailored to specifically meet the needs of your landscape

Lawn Fertilization

From a basic program, to that golf-course styled lawn, we have a program for you! We use only professional products and equipment, and we stand behind our work, always! If for any reason you are unhappy with any application’s results, call us, and we will re-apply it, No hassle, No fuss’, We are serious about your complete satisfaction!

You will be happy for choosing our company, we guarantee it! Our basic lawn Fertilization program starts as low as $365 per season for 4000sq.ft or less. We offer Free Lime Application with NEW seasonal fertilizer customers.


Lawn Improvements

Whether you are looking for basic lawn maintenance, or a complete lawn overhaul, we have a knowledgeable, professional crew for you! We are able to handle any of your lawn’s maintenance needs. From Lawn Fertilization, Core-Aeration, Seeding, Thatching, Power-seeding, Top soil, Compro or Sodding, let Deming Lawn and Landscape give you a free lawn evaluation and estimate today!

Lawn Improvements

Lawn Fertilization:

If you are looking for a greener, healthier, weed-free lawn, Deming can work with you on a lawn fertilization plan that works for your soil to produce that rich lush look that you will surely enjoy.

Core Aeration:

This should be done every fall along with over-seeding. Aeration is a great soil conditioner. It loosens and de-compacts your soil, stimulates lawn root growth, and helps consume thatch quicker! We usually perform this service in the fall, along with over-seeding, and spot power-seeding to dead or bare areas.

Lawn Thatching:

This is performed when too much dead grass accumulates over the root system of your grass. This thatch retains the chemicals and fertilizers and prevents them from reaching the root system of your grass. It will keep your lawn from greening up, and even fungus/insect controllers from working! Usually ¾” of thatch or more means you should request this service. Every 3-4 years is a good schedule to keep with lawn thatching.This is a Fall service and should be paired with core aeration and overseeding.


(slicer seeding) This service is performed when your lawn has a lot of dead or bare areas. Depending on the condition of your lawn, it may require all of your lawn to be treated. Power-Seeding works by cutting rows of groves down to the soil, under the dead or bare areas, to plant the seed exactly where it needs to be. This is an effective way of seeding damaged areas, bare areas, or a lawn that is just in a very bad condition. As the tines go into the soil to plant the seed it will pull up some dead grass/thatch and leave it on the top of the grass. This is normal and should be left alone.

Top Soil:

A great way to top-dress bad existing soil with a top dressing or cover roots, low areas, or an uneven lawn.


This is a dark and rich soil used to top dress a lawn that doesn’t have a good soil base. Usually, we slightly cover the entire lawn with compro to become part of the grass’s root system. It will give your lawn a great boost for years and years. This service is done in the Fall paired with core aeration and overseeding.


This is good for trouble areas or just giving you an instant lawn. Usually used in new home construction, or landscaping renovation, this is a good option for many people. Remember there is no such thing as a shady sod. All sod is grown in full sun. We buy our sod from local reputable companies. Our sod is always FRESH, cut the same day we install it. A lawn fertilization plan is recommended. 

Leaf Clean Up


The colorful leaves that make Fall such a beautiful season can cause stress as they collect in your yard. Leaves left on your grass can restrict the amount of water, nutrients and sunlight that reach your beautiful lawn, inviting both disease and insects to take root. Trapped under leaves, your lawn can suffocate, or develop fungus, especially in very wet conditions. Plants in mulch beds may not survive with too much moisture, not enough air, and the development of fungus as a result of fall leaf coverage.

Let Deming Lawn and Landscape clean up your leaves each year so that you can fully enjoy this season without the looming and back-breaking task of raking, bagging and disposing of your fallen leaves!

We offer 2-3 man crews for a hourly rate. They will get the job done quickly and efficiently. This includes bagging to the curb or into your back wooded area. Removal from property is extra. We can come weekly, monthly and or on request. We customize services to your needs.

Make the fall season stress-free. Call Deming Lawn & Landscape for scheduling today.

Mulching & Bedding



When properly used, garden mulch enhances the appearance of your landscape, adding that special ‘finishing touch’ to your yard. In addition to adding beauty to your flowerbeds, mulch plays an important part in your plant health by increasing water retention in the summer and providing insulation during those cold winter months. The earlier you mulch in the season, the better your weed control will be – a time saver this summer!

When shopping for mulching services, don't base your decision on price alone. Less expensive services may come at a devastating price often having insect-tick-termite infested mulch. Some cheaper companies are getting free county site mulch and can cost you big with future issues. We only use reputable local mulch companies that triple shred hardwood mulch only. No trash, bugs, termites etc.

Mulch, considered a ‘protective covering’, provides these important benefits:

• Promotes plant health
• Conserves moisture in your soil by preventing excessive water evaporation – you won’t need to water as often
• Prevents weed growth around trees, plants and shrubs – helping them grow faster and stronger
• Reduces erosion of the soil on sloped areas – top soil provides essential nutrients that your plants, trees and shrubs need to thrive
• Soil temperature is more stable – cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter
• Improves the overall look of your landscape, adding to your property value

Deming Lawn and Landscape offers double shredded hardwood mulch, dyed double shredded hardwood mulch, pine bark mulch (by the bag) delivered and installed, as well as bedding weed control products.



Machine edging is done before mulching is laid to define the mulch bed from your lawn, keeping the mulch in place and giving you a beautiful manicured look. The edge is cut 3-4" deep and needs to be done each Spring or Fall. Customers should mark any irrigation/pipes/cables in or near edging areas so no damages occur.