Seasonal Tips

Springtime is here again! And summer is just around the corner! It's time to turn your attention to your lawn and landscape. There are timely applications and services that you should do now.

If you are interested in landscape work or hardscapes (patios, walkways, retaining walls, etc) call for your estimate as soon as possible to avoid the spring rush! If you have any questions at all, please call anytime!


Fall Seasonal Tips:

  • Plant spring bulbs, perennials, grass seed, trees and shrubs – fall provides the ideal weather for good establishment of new plantings
  • Transplant / Divide/down size plants
  • Apply lime to your lawn every fall. Lime regulates the pH level of your soil, which in turn impacts the health of your lawn. Deming Lawn and Landscape offers a free application of lime for your lawn with NEW yearly fertilization program.
  • Feed your plants and trees every Spring and Fall with slow released granular fertilizer. This helps promote beautiful blooms and protect from winter damage.
  • Core aerate and Reseed your lawn every year for plush results.
  • Dethatch your lawn every 3-5 years.
  • Feed your lawn with a cold weather blend, which will give the roots a boost in preparing for the winter months ahead

Winter Seasonal Tips:

  • Prune fruit and shade trees during January/February timeframe
  • If winter is dry and windy, water thoroughly on a day with temperatures over 40 degrees
  • Apply lime to your lawn during Nov-Jan timeframe, if you have not recently done so
  • Start your indoor vegetable and/or flower seeds during the winter
  • Keep walkways and patios free of water and debris, which can cause damage to concrete and brick as winter temperatures shift. Deming Lawn and Landscape can assist you with proper drainage so that water and debris will not accumulate on or around walkways and patios.
  • Remove fallen blossoms and leaves from your flower beds to prevent the growth of fungus and molds
  • Winter is an ideal time to contact Deming Lawn and Landscape to discuss remodeling or updating your yard. Plan ahead to get our best prices of the year. We routinely offer winter discounts on many of our products and services.

Why Use a Landscaper?

Our trained and experienced landscapers will help transform your property, complementing and enhancing your most valuable investment, your home. A well thought out plan includes a delicate balance of hard and soft landscaping techniques, lighting, irrigation and maintenance/care which greatly enhances the value of your property. Hiring a landscaper can save you valuable time and money in the long run, not to mention frustrations along the way to be avoided. When shopping for a good landscaper, keep the following in mind:

  • Put both time and effort into choosing the right landscaper. Be sure to conduct interviews, discuss pricing and design ideas, and be sure to check out some of the references. Know your budget limit before your interviews.
  • An educated landscaper has the knowledge, expertise and experience to design and create a complex landscape which would include not only trees, plants and maintenance, but also the ability to install irrigation, lighting, walls, patios walkways, and water features.
  • A licensed landscaper will be able to show you proof of insurance to cover any accidents that might happen on your property.
  • Check out prior projects completed by your potential landscaper to see if you like the work and appreciate the design skills and techniques this landscaper offers.
  • Ask for a contract which will outline: the details of what you want to have done, the timeframe for completing the project, ongoing maintenance plan, guarantees the company will offer, duration of the guarantee(s), and other terms and conditions specific to your project.