Design Services

Designing your landscape is the most essential step in creating a beautiful yard. Planning and designing allows you to address beauty and functionality while including your own creative flair in an efficient and progressive manner. Deming Lawn and Landscape will start with a FREE “Planting and Landscape Design Consultation” and end with a maintenance program to care for your newly landscaped yard. We will walk with you through your property and through the entire landscape process to ensure your satisfaction. Our reputation is based on it.

Deming Lawn and Landscape’s 25+ years in the business has enabled us to gain invaluable experience that helps us to plan your landscape to best meet your wants and needs. We stand firmly behind our work and will be with you season after season to provide quality services that you can’t beat. Let our references speak to our reputation!

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Landscape Evaluation Process

When our professionals come for a design consultation, we will strive to ensure you have balance, harmony and beauty in your landscape by evaluating:

  • Size of plant beds
  • Soil conditions
  • Your Budget
  • Available space and lighting
  • Contrast of the landscape, meaning the
    different movement, color, size, shape, texture of the plants as well as other hardscape additions to the plant beds such as rocks, fountains, and lighting.
  • Identifying the focal points of the landscape, both with plants and hardscape materials
  • How the seasons will affect the landscape
  • Color, size, shape, variety and placement of plants

Walls, Patios & Walkways

Let your new functional fire pit and beautiful sitting walls be the centerpiece of your next patio party when you have Deming Lawn and Landscape transform the least liked or used area of your property into an area you never want to leave! Hardscaping is a wonderful option to enhance the beauty and functionality of your home, your lawn, your piece of this earth. Deming Lawn and Landscape can help you make the most of your yard by planning and installing creative hardscape options. Hardscaping adds touch of elegance, complimenting the beauty of your landscape and showcasing your own tastes and unique ideas to really make your property your home.

A fire pit with chairs around it and lights on.

Deming can help you navigate the many colors, textures, shapes and sizes of hardscape materials in order to choose just the right option to compliment your landscape. We will install to your specifications and will stand firmly behind our craftsmanship, making this a worthwhile investment that will provide many years of enjoyment.

We’ve built a reputation with quality service and dependability, our family looks out for yours! We are a quality oriented, family-owned and operated business, and we stand behind our work season after season.

Other Concrete or Stone Design Needs:
Stairs, Porches, Hot Tub Pads, Air Condition Pads

Drainage & Erosion Solutions

A garden with rocks and plants in it

After 25 + years in the industry there is not a drainage and erosion issue we have not seen! Soggy areas in the lawn can be devastating for your turf by drowning it out and making it impossible to mow without causing damaging ruts by your mower. It can be just as equally devastating for your expensive shrubs and other plantings if the drainage issue is in your landscape beds. From French drains and dry creek beds all the way to installing sod or more soil Deming Lawn and Landscape is able to professionally meet your drainage and erosion needs by offering you real solutions that wont break your bank! Below is a list of different solutions we offer:

  • French Drains
  • Extending/ Burying Downspouts
  • Regrade Lawn Areas
  • Install Swail Throughout Lawn
  • Dry Creek Beds
  • River Stone Swails
  • Installation of extra soil for better drainage
  • Installation of plants/ Landscape beds to help with erosion
  • Sod